About Hummayun Ismail, MD.

We believe in helping our patients break the vicious cycle of a disease process and step on the healing path to feel better. We achieve this by seeing patients the same day or within five business days. We provide home sleep testing and consultations in both pulmonary and sleep Medicine.

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Hummayun Ismail, MD is in the practice of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine for the past 20 yrs. Dr Ismail is board certified in both Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine. Dr Ismail did his fellowship at University of Pennsylvania, Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr Ismail was trained in Sleep Medicine at Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and Medical College of of Pennsylvania. Read More

Ismail Sleep Disorder Center

Ismail Sleep Disorder Center in Newark, Delaware is part of a Comprehensive Sleep program where Home Sleep Study and in lab Sleep Study is scored by Sleep technologist and interpreted by Dr Ismail to diagnose and formulate a treatment plan in collaboration with the team of Sleep Dentist, ENT specialist, Neurologist and surgeons to offer different treatment modalities more than just CPAP.

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Ismail Pulmonary Disorder Center

Ismail Pulmonary Disorder Center in Newark, Delaware is a Comprehensive Pulmonary Medicine program where PFTs are performed and patients are seen same day or within 5 business days in the office and followed in the hospitals as well by Dr Ismail. All necessary procedures including Bronchoscopy are performed by Dr Ismail.

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